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We tailor cleaning programs to suit your business needs and work environment. Our customer care program ensures we receive regular feedback from you so as to take action on any changes or respond to your concerns quickly and effectively. You can also be rest assured that we perform all risk assessments and provide method statement documentation for every service we deliver. We also offer a wide range of one-off services to complement our daily cleaning programs.

Our Added Value:  Is that we allow our employees to flourish. The well-trained staff makes the difference. We therefore make every effort to train our staff or employees to become skilled in professional cleaning. What’s more? Training gives our employees the confidence that they deserve.

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Our entire service is designed for you. From the moment you get in touch with us your service and peace of mind are our main priorities.
We'll get to work finding you a suitable cleaner to give you the best possible clean.

  1. Production line cleaning
  2. Gutter cleaning
  3. Cold storage & evaporator cleaning
  4. Factory floor cleaning
  5. Cealing cleaning
  6. Window sills & frames dusting
  7. Picture dusting
  8. Floor vacuuming
  9. Cabinet doors wipe down

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Frequently asked questions

At Xtreme, we always put our clients’ safety first. We strive to use non-toxic products where possible. We always disinfect areas of high traffic in attempts to provide you with the most effective and safest clean your space has ever seen. In times of uncertainty like now, it’s never been a better time to identify your environment and allow us to put in place the correct disinfectants.

No! Xtreme services range from medical office, industrial, manufacturing and school cleanings to construction sites and banks. No matter the task, our experienced and licensed staff is here to transform the way you see your space of productivity. Call today to schedule an appointment and receive a quote on your unique space!

While our team members are willing to work around the clock, studies have shown that the most efficient time to clean a commercial or private space is typically after-hours. We prefer that your space is vacant or mostly vacant, in order for us to provide the most effective service possible. Typically, we clean on evenings and weekends. However, we understand that it can be hard to tailor a specific schedule that works for both parties in every situation, in which case, we will strive to work as effectively and quietly as possible, without disrupting or disturbing any important work, meetings, etc. We do provide service to facilities that operate 24/7.

Us at Xtreme, we are extremely particular about the cleaning crews we appoint. All of our employees are thoroughly interviewed, background checked, and we are insured because we know how important it is to have only the most trustworthy and hardworking members on our team. We also perform regular inspections and audits on all team members. Xtreme is about more than just cleaning, we are steadfast in our pursuit to foster relationships with our clients, and we hope to ensure you the most effective and care-free cleaning experience you’ve ever experienced.

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