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High Rise and Roof Cleaning


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Wondering how to reach those high places like windows, roof tiles, and more? No need to worry, we have specialized machinery to sort out this cleaning need.
Xtreme Hygiene offers services in the window washing, cleaning emergencies (including fires and water damage) facade maintenance, cleaning in food processing industry, cleaning of public transport (buses, trains and tour cars)

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It’s really up to you. We offer scheduled window cleaning maintenance quarterly, bi-annually, and yearly. We also provide commercial window cleaning upon request. Ultimately it’s up to you and how particularly dirty your windows get. It’s satisfying when your windows are so clean that you’re looking through them rather than at them.

We get calls to clean gutter protection systems all the time. Most of them do not work. It really depends on the type of debris that your gutters accumulate. What they can do is limit the maintenance of your gutters but they will never eliminate it. We recommend getting on a reoccurring gutter cleaning maintenance schedule to keep your roof and gutters in great shape.

We use extension poles with gutter spoons to pull the debris to us. Then using scoopers we hand pull out all the debris. Once the bulk of the debris is gone, the next step to clean gutters’ running water and / or sponges inside the gutters to assure that all the debris is out. We check all the downspouts on your home to see if they’re flowing correctly and not clogged. Depending on if your gutters run in ground our out, we use downspout snakes to clear them or we unscrew and take apart the elbow of the downspout, clear it, and reattach it. We do all of this while keeping your grounds and surrounding areas completely clean. We can haul the debris offsite with us or use your yard waste bin.

There are a couple types of roof cleaning we offer. We use backpack blowers to blow off any unwanted leaves and pine needles that have accumulated on your roof. We remove moss by brushing off the clumps then re-blowing the roof. After most the moss is gone we lay down a zinc sulfate powder to kill the rest of any remaining moss. The main focus in moss removal is getting the moss off and killing what’s left while ensuring the maximum life of your roof. We do not recommend pressure washing directly on your roof. It may look good but with the high cost of roofing, it’s more of a risk than it is worth.

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