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Select a customisable service for once-off or regular domestic or commercial cleaning in Uganda.

Industrial and Office Cleaning

We tailor cleaning programs to suit your business needs and work environment. Our customer care program ensures we receive regular feedback from you so as to take action on any changes or respond to your concerns quickly and effectively. You can also be rest assured that we perform all risk assessments and provide method statement documentation for every service we deliver. We also offer a wide range of one-off services to complement our daily cleaning programs.

Dry Cleaning and Laundry

Our motive lies in accentuating the authority vestted in working customers by creating impactful presence in the corporate environment.

“The bench mark” is the motto towards which we strive for and we make sure that our clients get what they expect. We are all about being unique and experts in dry cleaning.

Whether it is for business or casual wear, looking smart is made easy with X-treme hygiene dry cleaners. “We value quality and perfection”

High Rise and Roof Cleaning

Wondering how to reach those high places like windows, roof tiles, and more? No need to worry, we have specialized machinery to sort out this cleaning need.
Xtreme Hygiene offers services in the window washing, cleaning emergencies (including fires and water damage) facade maintenance, cleaning in food processing industry, cleaning of public transport (buses, trains and tour cars)

Pest Control and Fumigation

Correct identification of pests and knowledge of their development and behaviour is very important in pest management. Misidentification and lack of information about pests, lead to use of improper control methods or incorrect control timing and are the most frequent cause of pest control failure. We at Xtreme Hygiene are very conversant with all this information to ensure absolute extermination of pests in residential and commercial buildings.

Carpet and Upholstery

Gone are the days of having to wait for a whole day or week for your carpets and sofas to dry. We clean using extraction machines and modern chemicals such as extraction powder, with solvent boost which quickly cuts through tough, dry or greasy stains. Our driers ensure that cleaned items like; carpets, sofas, bed mattresses, dining chairs,etc.
Dry faster and instantly to avoid the inconvenience of living with wet items and the odors that accompany them.

Compound and Garden

It is not bragging but the truth; we are most probably Uganda’s leading service provider when it comes to lawn mowing and maintaining both residential and commercial compounds and flower gardens . Fogging the bushes around your compound will definately reduce mosquitoes that would at time found their way into your house . Try us.

Infection Control and Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaners can be used on all kinds of surfaces often including ovens, leather, tiles, mirrors, carpets, and windows – but not all steam cleaners are created equal. When used without soap, detergents, or other cleaning products, steam cleaning is an eco-friendly way of cleaning.
At Xtreme hygiene, we provide infection control and steam cleaning for different companies though it is more popular in the health sector and companies dealing with food production. Old methods used usually consist of using chemicals and washing everything down, however, the new technology allows us to use a system of dry steam. Our equipment turns water into dry steam at a high temperature and uses pressure to clean.

Ready to book with us?
Quality Assurance
Responsive customer service
Our goal is to satisfy your cleaning needs. If something goes wrong, we will take prompt and decisive action to fully resolve your problems.
Industry experience
With over 16 years experience of cleaning manufacturing and commercial premises, we maintain the highest health and safety standards.
Commitment to excellence
We hold our staff and all our operations to the highest standards of excellence. Our quality control processes leave you free from anxiety.
Continuous improvement
Our staff are not only experienced professional cleaners, they also receive ongoing training through our unique continuous improvement program.

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