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we are
Xtreme Hygiene Solutions Ltd is a hygiene company based in Kampala since 2009. It has experience in all aspects of commercial, residential cleaning and hygiene service. We are committed to providing the most efficient, high quality and cost-effective service through our well-trained and motivated workforce.
To be a partner of choice by providing friendly, flexible and high quality keeping ablest best health and safety practices in every aspect of our hygiene services that meet and exceed the requirements of our customers
To excel in our principal activities of providing versatile and industrial hygienic cleaning and pest control services so as to maintain and increase our market share in Uganda and East Africa

Core values

  • Integrity
    Something about integrity
  • Confidentiality
    Something about confidentiality
  • Excellence
    Something about excellence
  • Professionalism
    Something about professionalism
  • Teamwork
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Management team

Service with a smile, expertise dedication and professionalism is what you can always expect at Xtreme Hygiene Solutions Ltd.

In order to guarantee the quality of our services, supervisors (mid-level executives), and managers use our daily cleaning checklists. Not only do we teach our managers professional cleaning techniques, but we also teach them how to plan, discuss and instruct their employees.

Delegation, organisation, coaching and communication are common themes to our manager's training. Our executives cleaning employees and are site managers are also given managerial soft skills training.

Christine mugume
Managing Director
Allan Baliraine
Operations Manager
Jemimah Atukunda
HR & Legal officer
Katumba Robert
Asst. Operations Manager
Nduhura Edwin
Jesse Mugume
Accounts Assistant
Justine Nakamanya
Head of accounts
Alungat Brenda
Office Assistant
Nuwamanya Brian
Sekajja Noah
Supervisor Bollore Logistics
Habiliga Simon
Supervisor Roofings
Opio Ibrahim
Supervisor Hima - Namanve
Nakwanga Esther
Supervisor - Zebra Plaza
Ochola Mathius
Supervisor - Pepsi
Semwanga Ibrahim
Supervisor - Cocacola
Tawakal Shakila
Laundry & dry cleaning Supervisor
Bogere Moses
Pest Control Officer

Our staff

A well trained, motivated, smart staff, with attention to detail makes the difference.

Cleaning is a profession, therefore a cleaner cannot go without necessary basic knowledge of cleaning methods and techniques.

The training we give to our staff is what makes them different e.g the cleaners learn to clean in a safe and particular manner.


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