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X-treme Hygiene Solutions Ltd (XHSL)

X-treme Hygiene Solutions Ltd (XHSL) is a Hygiene company based in Kampala since 2009. It has experience in all aspects of commercial, residential cleaning and hygiene services. We are committed to providing the most efficient, high quality and cost effective service through our well-trained and motivated workforce.

Garden & Compound Maintainace

Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

Our Vision:
To excel in our principal activities of providing versatile and industry hygienic cleaning and pest control services so as to maintain and increase our market share in Uganda and East Africa.
Our Mission:
To be the partner of choice by providing friendly, flexible and high quality keeping ablest best health and safety practices in every aspect of our hygiene services that meet and exceed the requirements of our customers.
Our Company Values:
Intergrity, Confidentiality, Excellence, Professionalism and Teamwork .

Industrial Cleaning

Production Line Cleaning

At the end of production machinery will need to be thoroughly cleaned. Our cleaning procedure involves pre-spraying all active areas with a sanitized detergent followed by a deep clean using dry steam cleaning...

Factory floor Cleaning

Factory floor areas receive heavey traffic daily and need to have a cleaning produre in place to prevent buildup of residues due to the nature of customers business..

Gutter Cleaning

We use high experienced operators to be able to access gutters at all heights. All debris is removed preventing it accessing the drainage system then swept and pressure washed through using specialised equipment..

Cold Store & Evaporator Cleaning

Awe have gained vast experience working with some of the country’s leading food producers and have gained a reputation of a business that will always make sure you achieve the results that are essential within the industry .

High rise Cleaning

Wondering how to reach those high places like windows, roof tiles, and more? No need to worry, we have specialized machinery to sort out this cleaning need.
Xtreme Hygiene offers services in the window washing, cleaning emergencies (including fires and water damage) facade maintence, cleaning in food processing industry, cleaning of
public transport (buses, trains and tour cars).

Correct identification of pests and knowledge of their development and behavior are very important in pest management. Misidentification and lack of information about pests, lead to use of improper control methods or incorrect control timing and are the most frequent cause of pest control failure. We at Xtreme Hygiene are very conversant with all this information to ensure absolute extermination of pests in residential and commercial buildings.
It is not bragging but the truth; we are most probably Uganda’s leading service provider when it comes to lawn mowing and maintaining both residential and commercial compounds and flower gardens Fogging the bushes around your compound will definately reduce mosquitoes that would at time found their way into your house . Try us.
Fumigation is a method of pest control that completely fills an area with gaseous pesticides or fumigants to suffocate or poison the pests. Fumigants are pesticides that form poisonous gases when applied. Unknown to many, is the fact that these same chemicals used to rid pests can be equally lethal to humans in the long run, if administered in wrong proportions, dosages or by unprofessional practitioners that are on the increase in the industry today. Our fumigators at X-treme Hygiene Solutions are exceptionally skilled and mind ful of their own health and that of the inhabitants of the places where they fumigate, as they carry out this noble job.
X-treme hygiene we provide infection control and steam cleaning for different companies, though it is more popular in the health sector and companies dealing with food production. Old methods used usually consisted with using chemicals and washing everything down however new technology allows us to use a system of dry steam. Our equipment turns the water into dry steam at a high temperature and uses pressure to clean.

Stay connected with us to get the latest updates and be the first to know what's happening.

Who We Are?

We are committed to providing the most efficient, high quality and cost effective service through our well-trained and motivated workforce.

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Our Location

X-treme Hygiene Solutions Ltd.


Road Near Capital Shoppers - +256 704 008192


Kisasi Road - +256 707 029600

Nalya Road - +256 707 029602

Kyaliwajara Total petro station - +256 707 029603

Entebbe Road (Total Namasuba)

Kitintale Total Petro Station

Email: info@xtremehygiene.com