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Our motive lies in accentuating the authority vestted in working customers by creating impactful presence in the corporate environment.

“The bench mark” is the motto towards which we strive for and we make sure that our clients get what they expect. We are all about being unique and experts in dry cleaning.

Whether it is for business or casual wear, looking smart is made easy with X-treme hygiene dry cleaners. “We value quality and perfection”

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Frequently asked questions

The Dry cleaning Process!

Step 1: Identification and Inspection
When you leave garments for cleaning they are inspected and identified with a tag which stays with the garment until it is returned to you.

Step 2: Spotting and stain removal
Your trained drycleaner skillfully removes spots and stains in conjunction with a number of specialized solutions.

Step 3: Sorting
Garments are sorted for cleaning by category and colour with consideration being given to the manufacturers recommended care label instructions.

Step 4: Dry cleaning
Garments are then dry cleaned using a special internationally standard clear solution which removes dirt and grease safely from the most delicate and sensitive fabrics.

Step 5: Drying
Garments are dried using temperatures appropriate to the type of garment and in conjunction with any recommendation from the manufacturer's care label instructions.

Step 6: Pressing and Finishing
Garments are pressed to give those crisp clear pleats and creases that signify a dry cleaned garment. Garments are steam formed to restore body and shape and remove wrinkles.

Step 7: Final inspection and packaging
Garments are given a final inspection and prepared for collection.

The average dry cleaning process requires 3-4 hours. Of course, the cleaning time depends on the level of garment dirtiness, material type, and other things. To determine the approximate time required for cleaning your particular laundry, contact us today.

If you need to clean clothes of one of the following materials, it is better to give it to dry cleaner:
• leather;
• silk;
• velvet;
• pure wool;
• things with ornaments (beads, rhinestones, sequins, etc.).
• cashmere;
Washing such things usually distorts their shape, they react with severe stretching or shrinkage. And dry cleaning protects clothes from fading, retains their shape and appearance.

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